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  • Listening to: ETOS - Baptized by The Blood of Angels
  • Reading: between the drops of rain
  • Watching: Through an empty soul
  • Playing: with my mind
  • Drinking: Bitter conscience
Too tired...too meaningless...but still looking for the colour in a grey pot, watching the tic-tac sound, smelling the dissonant images of life...One day, maybe I'll be better, but that day will be as different as white to black, from that thing's day...
Too much words for this grey silence...I'll be at the tower many many days, to catch my feelings, to put them in colours, to drag them to songs, to feed my eyes, my ears and soul and after all, when I look behind, to alter my time and try another me.
  • Listening to: Highlight Kenosis
  • Reading: Online news
  • Playing: with my mind
  • Drinking: Nestea